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Would you like to join an international team of smart engineers
that is based in the heart of Europe?

Then you have come to the right place!

If you are interested in working with us, here are the currently available vacancies:


Would you like to join an international team of smart engineers who are based in the heart of Europe? Then you have come to the right place!

We are doing things differently, innovatively, outside the box and the most of all – having fun!

If you are asking now what is it exactly we do? Well, it’s quite easy! We are designing optic fiber networks.


Still not sure what all that involves? Then keep reading and I will explain it for you!

Imagine you have some small village in the mountains you need to connect to the optic fiber network – you design the optimal route (that’s where you use your creativity) and choose the right equipment that provides the most effective and cost-efficient way to connect all those houses (here, you can use your telco background). Now you have a brief idea! But we do way more! If you want to learn about what else we do, do not hesitate to contact us!


Here is a list of your responsibilities:


  • designing telecom networks based on the requirements of the client
  • creating drawings and maps (if you have GIS background, that’s where you going to use your expertise)
  • preparing and maintaining As-Built documentation
  • preparing case studies or cost estimations for potential investment purposes
  • mentor junior designers
  • ensure client satisfaction in each delivery
  • project accountability




  • engineering degree (Civil/Telco/IT preferable), Masters in GIS are also welcome
  • proven experience in Telco (specially in Fixed networks or FTTX)
  • good knowledge of AutoCad, QGIS or similar
  • other tools you will use are TKI, IMS Geostruct, FiberplanIT, PNI smallworld among others
  • Dutch, German or French language is a big plus!


We are looking for open minded and smart people, who can help us with our projects and improve our current processes. In our company you can develop yourself any direction you like! Do you like to communicate with customers? You can do that! Are you the type who prefers to sit in a dark room and program some new tools? Guess what, you can do that too! Are you a perfectionist and want to deliver projects in the best quality possible? You are more than welcome here! We are a fast-growing company with many opportunities for your personal development.

To apply, send your CV directly to or follow us on LinkedIn and don’t miss any new job opportunity!

Together We Connect Europe