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Latest news

Catch up on everything in the world of Yungo and FTTx.

Read our latest news and blog posts on everything fibre related. From driving innovation in network design, to the latest happenings at Yungo HQ.

  Rafaela Chumbo | 8/4/2020 In YUNGO, one of the tasks we face daily, as engineers and designers of FTTH networks, is the planning of routes for installation of cables. This planning, carried out based on the crossing of different geographical layers, facilitates and helps......

  Paulo Sá Ferreira | 17/3/2020 “Integrated” and “collaborative” are the new trending concepts of FTTH network design. Engineering of fiber networks has undergone a massive transformation since the digital design solutions approached the market a decade ago. It’s not that long back that network......

Did you know that YUNGO has its own innovation team? Excited to see the results? We are too! Join us and watch!...