YUNGO turns 6 years old!

September 4, 2022

The path we took until here

Six years ago, a couple of bright minds came together with a mission, they wanted to help connect Europe. Their dedication to the mission gave birth to a company that is known today as YUNGO. It went through a lot of transformation: from the first public Czech prize to the recognition in Europe. And as the company grew, so did its ambitions. With more and more satisfied customers, we realised what we can achieve goes further than we could imagine.

Last year, Allinq took in YUNGO fully, giving us the opportunity to further develop our identity and establish ourselves as the go-to brand for creative and efficient solutions in the FTTx industry.

Where we are

As most of you might know already, innovation is at our core, and this year we have been developing, what we believe, is the next phase in this industry. Through our six-year tenure, we have learnt much about the processes of this trade, and combining this experience with our ambitions, we have gone further than most. Our portfolio has expanded considerably, and more countries have joined our ranks of customers and partners.

What’s next

We will continue to deliver our best quality, research new trends, and develop innovative solutions. We are looking forward to many more years of cooperation and service with you as our customers and partners. And of course, we wouldn’t be able to achieve all this without our dedicated team, who day in and day out devote their time and expertise towards our common goal.

We are grateful to our customers for their trust, to our partners for their cooperation, and to our employees for their efforts!

Happy Birthday, YUNGO!

Dmytro Kovtoniuk

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