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Products & Services

V Model


Our objective is to provide the customers with a complex and professional engineering service, from the initial investment decision to the last revision of the as-built network

Our approach in the process of network development is demonstrated in the V Model. Our service portfolio starts with the initial market analysis of the specified areas for network construction. In the next stage, we continue to the first outline of a network master plan, and upon further data enrichment and processing we deliver high-level and detailed design. 


During construction, our team is always ready to assist in case of necessary network adjustments or technical issues. Once the network is built, we take care of any additional revisions, we store and manage your network data and help with administration and maintenance.

Market Analysis

Here to help you make the best investments decisions


How to find out what areas are worth investing in?

Based on a broad analysis of geographical and demographic data, our team of specialists select the most attractive areas, develop and apply a suitable technical solution and provide a financial analysis for potential roll-out.

Network Design

A comprehensive plan for your network roll-out. Accurate and efficient


We provide a network design at six levels of detail, with an estimation of bill of materials, site survey and clean data support.

Documentation & Support

Up-to-date, transparent and clean data of your network, always on hand


Documentation and administration of up-to-date network data is no longer a headache! Thanks to our customized tooling, we document all updates and changes in your network, and store them safely and transparently in one place.

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