FTTh Toob - Southampton, UK

Key Project Info

Project Dates:
Apr '21 - Dec '21
Southampton, UK
Parties Involved:
High Level Design, Low Level Design
50,000 Homes Passed
Tools Used:
Visio, Qfield, QGIS


  • This project was the FTTH network deployment across the city based on the proposed route of the Toob network in HLD. ​
  • Key considerations at the LLD stage were PDP locations, existing infrastructure routes (BT) and significant physical boundaries such as roads, rivers, railways, and natural features. ​
  • There was a significant need for attention to detail as it was essential to use available infrastructure and to avoid new trenching as much as possible and if there was no available option then the priority would be proposing new poles.


Civil Works

Hybrid Network



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