Preventing Excavation Damages

Rafaela Chumbo
June 12, 2021

The Crow 500 - Guideline for careful excavation from initiation to use phase - has provided in the Netherlands the connection between the legislation and practice of the entire excavation processes with the purpose of preventing damages during the excavation works.

These guidelines changed the view of to whom assign responsibilities when damages occur during the works on the field. “Everyone is responsible for preventing excavation damages” is a common sentence found as a result of googling for these guidelines.

For this reason, YUNGO, as a partner in the first line of the Engineering works, accepted the challenge from Allinq to give support in the development of a tool that could easily provide a digital solution on the beginning of this process, and therefore, share a part on preventing and reducing the number of damages during the rollout of fiber network cables.

This tool - GIS based - creates a grid of cells crossing several sets of input data that covers the area of interest. The spatial resolution of the grid was chosen to fulfil accuracy while designing and reducing the computational cost. A weight is attributed in all layers to each cell, and through merging them the average of weights gives as result a risk analysis. The geographical characteristics of this risk analysis can easily trigger the awareness of the field teams in the most critical and potential areas for damages to occur. Preventing excavation damages can definitely start digitally in your desktop!

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