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Those who innovate lead
the way

At Yungo, we work one step ahead of time, driving our client projects towards a fascinating digital future. We utilize automations within each project in a coordinated and focused way to deliver real and tangible benefits from innovations to our clients.


The flow of the Innovations department and how it benefits our customers

Our technical team plays a crucial role in maintaining and advancing our company's technological effectiveness, assisting the production team.

Evaluating ongoing projects
Prioritizing level of productivity and cost-efficient solutions
Producing innovative solutions and Automations

By remaining vigilant in adopting the latest technologies and methodologies, our development team ensures Yungo maintains its position as an industry leader.

Constant detailed analysis and research
Creates new services tailored to meet evolving client needs
Staying up to date with new technology meeting industry demands

Our Production Team consists of dedicated Project Leaders and Engineers who diligently focus on each client's project.

Implementing tailored automations
Providing effective solutions
Delivering efficient results for every client

Yungo's Customers

How does this benefit you?

At Yungo, we anticipate the future, pushing our clients' projects into a dynamic digital realm. We strategically deploy automations to deliver concrete innovation benefits.

Accuracy & Quality

Eliminate human error with automations. This increases accuracy, Quality & Speed.

Focus on Problem Solving

The innovation teams approach projects not with the status quo in mind, but with a thinking-outside-the-box mentality.

Introducing New Services

By looking at all or customers challenges from a bird's-eye perspective, we are able to identify common challenges and introduce universal new solutions and services.


Able to process large complex projects at a high speed by applying customized applications.

“I expected a group of grey haired senior engineers to arrive here in Chemnitz and was positively surprised to see a fresh, young, smart team, ambitious and eager to learn.”

Dr. Matthias Pohler
TKI, Managing Director

“The work Yungo delivered was excellent. From initial market analysis, through the local survey all the way to the actual network design.”

Jiří Neumann
Vodafone CZ

“Yungo is an initiative-driven company with a great mindset and a wealth of skills.”

Mathieu Cloos
Unifiber, Network Design Engineer

“They've become a trusted partner in our project, offering innovation and ideas. I sought advice and feedback, and Yungo delivered beyond expectations, providing more than just execution.”

Stefanie Arzt
TKI Chemnitz, Team Lead Documentation

"We've already recommended Yungo to our partners multiple times, and we'll continue to do so without hesitation!"

Geert Bruylandt
Proximus, Domain Manager

"I can confidently recommend Yungo. Their team is highly professional and dedicated to finding effective solutions!"

Christian Schläpfer
Swiss Fibre Net AG, Product development

Innovation Team:
Expertise and Insights

Our team consists of senior, data-driven engineers with extensive experience in broadband network engineering, planning, and design across various international markets.

We consider ourselves flexible, inquisitive, and passionate about tackling challenges. We are instinctive problem solvers.