We see in the world of telecommunications a life-long place to explore and develop infinite possibilities

Our Focus

Innovation and Evolution

An old tale, told many times: those who do not innovate are left behind. Well, it isn't enough for us to simply walk with progress, we want to lead. Through daily work and deeper understanding of our own efforts we often introduce new processes and services to affect positive change in our company. Sometimes innovation emerges from a constant, however we take deliberate steps to ensure we are always looking ahead.

“The future of companies lays in their innovation teams. The fact that we work one step ahead in time, driving YUNGO and our partners to a fascinating digital future, is something I embrace with a great pleasure and enthusiasm.”

Rafaela Chumbo

Chief Innovation Officer at YUNGO

The Advantages


Software independence and the development of plugins and workflows, provides flexibility to our current and future clients in different phases of the fiber rollout process and in different market approaches.

Accuracy & Quality

Implementing automations eliminates and reduces number of manual tasks needed to create outputs, which in return provides more accurate results and improves the overall quality of all deliverables.

Continuous improvement

Engineering processes require an ongoing effort to improve during the life-cycle of a project. The tools developed during all phases of the project lead to a synergy effect of sustainable improvement within one specific project, but also for future assginments.

Problem Solving

Solving issues where commercial software fails or is not yet ready. Deal with client-specific problems.

Accept Challenges

We are open to develop either small or large scale projects within challenging timeframes.

Customer Focus

Every successful business has their customers at the heart of their decisions, and so do we.

Our Innovation Team

Our team consists of senior data driven engineers with vast experience in broadband network engineering, planning and design from several international markets.

We consider ourselves flexible, inquisitive, and passionate about challenges. We are instinctive problem solvers.

The Innovations Team is divided into two main parts:

The Innovations Development Team is responsible for researching and creating systems and technologies with the purpose of improving and increasing the value of Yungo and our partners. This team is focused on guaranteeing medium and long term sustainability by developing business in new fields.

The Innovations Technical Team is responsible for researching and developing automations and to adjust them to any tool and market. This team works closely with The Operations Team guaranteeing improvement of processes of business as usual and ensuring sustainable knowledge.

Our Approach

Our innovation techniques and philosophy are baked into everything we do at YUNGO. Here are a few examples of the type of outputs we deliver with the help of our Innovation Team:

Data Analysis

Elaborate overviews of construction feasibility, volume of material, cost estimations and potential risks, always focusing on the development of innovative approaches. Analysis of satelite imagery helps to increase accuracy of the network design and any related regional data (eg. BGT)

Plugin’s development

Set of tools for data processing and network tracing in QGIS through Python programming. QGIS and ACAD interface + cloud data processing and conversion service in FME to produce specific automated outputs, logical diagrams (SLD), splice plans, infrastructure documentation datasheets, ODF-address lists and civil drawings.

Database Set-up and Maintenance

Provide a working environment concept which brings flexibility to adopt specific rules of various projects.

Process Automation

FME workflows provide a fast way to develop and integrate any automation regardless of the design tool used, e.g., input data processing, design rules implementation, design to as-built matching, outputs generation.

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