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Yungo specializes in scan-to-BIM services. We help our customers create real Digital Twins of their assets and enrich them with additional (meta) data. This gives them the tremendous advantage of making their networks/business more efficient, resilient to future risks, and simply better in various ways.

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Our world has been shifting towards the digital realm at an ever-increasing speed since the inception of the internet during the 90s. It is obvious now that the digital transformation is unstoppable. The only question is how you can benefit from it the most. The concepts of BIM (Building Information Modeling), Smart Cities, and Digital Twins have been around for over a decade. They are the future and bear a tremendous number of opportunities to improve your business and the way we manage our built environment and everything connected to it. Yungo and its BIM services help your company take the first steps into this digital future!

Before you can really start taking full advantage of technological advancements such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Digital-Twin Scenario Simulations, and many other applications which bear tremendous potential for improving your business’  OPEX, quality of products and services, environmental footprint reduction, and other aspects, you need to digitize your built assets.


Scan-to-BIM Services

Our scan-to-BIM services help your business take the first steps towards the next level of the digital future which merges the physical and digital worlds together and unleashes endless opportunities to manage your built assets, improve their performance and their interaction with all stakeholders!

Project Planning

At the beginning of every BIM project it is crucial to define the scope of the project. It is important to assess which built assets need to be scanned, which assets (if any) already exist in some form of BIM, but most importantly - what are the main purposes of digitizing the built assets. This can include the improvement of asset management, maintenance processes, optimization of energy consumption and many other applications. This helps define the level of detail (LOD) of the final model. This in turn helps define which scanning technology is adequate to apply for the scanning of your assets, how much work it will take to build the BIM model and which automations could help increase the speed and quality of the output delivery.


Once the scope of the project has been clearly defined, the built assets need to be scanned. Depending on the specifics of the assets, different technologies are applied to scan them and create a so-called Point-Data-Cloud. A Point-Data-Cloud allows us to take measurements of the assets in a very efficient way, respecting their geometries with very high precision. This can be done by different devices, some of which can be mounted onto a person’s body, others that can be attached to a drone and some are even built into mobile phones, or tablets. The application of them varies depending on factors such as desired LOD, accessibility of the assets and other factors. Yungo helps you acquire these scans and guarantees a high level of precision.

Data Processing

The scans of the built assets, which are typically acquired by laser scanning (Point Data Cloud) and/or photography are typically very large individual datasets of gigabytes, or even terabytes of data. These individual datasets need to be georeferenced, cleaned and matched together. We automate as many of these steps as possible to maintain a high level of quality and precision. Nevertheless, our engineers are still required to check the result’s integrity and to potentially adjust the automation(s) to acquire the desired result. This is something that our team of BIM-engineers works on closely together with our department of innovations. The outputs of this phase serve as a base for the final BIM-model.

Setting Up Digital Environment

Depending on the desired applications of the BIM-Model in the future, the pre-defined level of precision of the model and other factors, the digital environment which will store the BIM-Model and visualize it needs to be setup. This can include setting up and configuring a tool such as Revit, a database in which the point-data will be stored and potentially other software like your ERP, or facility-management tools which need to get linked to the model to allow for information exchange between the model and BIM-applications.


Once the scans are available and the digital environment has been setup, the 3D-modeling can begin. We strive to apply as many automations as possible to the modeling process. Especially for large projects we apply pre-defined asset libraries and machine-learning algorithms to identify individual built elements automatically and help us speed up the process of modeling, but also to reduce the amount of manual work, minimize human error and increase precision of the final output. A BIM-model is so much more than a georeferenced complex geometry. Yungo can enrich the 3D-model by various additional information specific the use-cases of your assets and workflows. This can include detailed material information, age of different elements, information about compliance and much more.

Model Maintenance

A BIM-model is a constant work-in-progress and therefore needs to get maintained. The information is mostly shared between different stakeholders. Whenever there is a change to any of the built assets the model needs to get updated to assure the integrity of the model towards the existing applications.

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Level of Detail (LOD)

Our experienced BIM-Modelers, together with our innovations team are capable of taking on the challenge of documenting your built assets on the highest level of detail (LOD 500) to reflect the actual As-Built. Depending on the BIM applications suitable for your business we can combine various different information and connect them to your model.


Possible BIM Applications

Facility Management

Asset Management
Space Management
Maintenance Scheduling

Operations Management

Energy Management
Emergency Management

Renovations and Retrofits

Planning and Design
Impact Analysis
Cost Estimation
Space optimization

Compliance and Reporting

Regulatory Compliance
Sustainability Reporting

Lifecycle Cost Management

Total Cost of Ownership
Budget Planning

Historical Documentation

As-Built Documentation

Enhanced Visualization and Training

Virtual Tours and Training
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality

IoT and Smart Building Technologies

IoT Integration
Smart Building Management

Example Assets

In principle we can transform any built asset into a BIM model. However, there are some advantages when approaching a type of building or facility which we may already have processed in the past and have some existing asset libraries for. Below are a few examples of what we did so far.


Don’t take our word for it

Read what our clients have to say about the services we provide at Yungo:

Customer Ratings from our customer survey

“I expected a group of grey haired senior engineers to arrive here in Chemnitz and was positively surprised to see a fresh, young, smart team, ambitious and eager to learn.”

Dr. Matthias Pohler
TKI, Managing Director

“The work Yungo delivered was excellent. From initial market analysis, through the local survey all the way to the actual network design.”

Jiří Neumann
Vodafone CZ

“Yungo is an initiative-driven company with a great mindset and a wealth of skills.”

Mathieu Cloos
Unifiber, Network Design Engineer

“They've become a trusted partner in our project, offering innovation and ideas. I sought advice and feedback, and Yungo delivered beyond expectations, providing more than just execution.”

Stefanie Arzt
TKI Chemnitz, Team Lead Documentation

"We've already recommended Yungo to our partners multiple times, and we'll continue to do so without hesitation!"

Geert Bruylandt
Proximus, Domain Manager

"I can confidently recommend Yungo. Their team is highly professional and dedicated to finding effective solutions!"

Christian Schläpfer
Swiss Fibre Net AG, CEO

Why choose us ?

Highest Level of Accuracy

By implementing our automation solutions, we drastically reduce the need for manual tasks in creating the final outputs. This not only ensures greater accuracy but also enhances the overall quality of all deliverables, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – moving the project forward.

Fast Delivery

Our team comprises 90+ Engineers, enabling us to handle larger projects with ease. We deliver fast and efficient solutions for any project we undertake. We are capable of processing large amount of inputs


Our engineers and project leaders have diverse educational backgrounds ranging from telecom, civil and environmental engineering, to architecture and GIS specialists, all the way to IT and machine learning experts. Thanks to this, our team is capable of solving even the most challenging tasks.

Cost-Effective Solutions

From Market Analysis, through High- and Low-Level Design, all the way to Network As-Built Documentation and Maintenance, we strive to deliver innovative solutions while keeping an eye on cost efficiencies regarding your CAPEX and OPEX.

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